Global Intent is a world leader in mobilizing, equipping and mentoring tentmakers, self-supporting witnesses, to reach some of the neediest peoples on earth by integrating work and witness in other cultures. GI specializes in preparing both business as mission (BAM) and profession, studies and retirement as mission, tentmakers for workplace evangelism by combining the biblical tentmaking model and core ministry skills to be effective disciple-makers.

Since 1984, GI  (formerly known as Global Opportunities) has championed tentmaking worldwide through implementation of our expertise and unique blend of mobilizing, targeted training materials, mentoring and ongoing support for professionals, business people, and university students.

Many motivated tentmakers have little or no impact because they are inadequately prepared and lack the basic understanding and ministry skills to impact the local community abroad. Too often, they fail to minister and produce enduring, effective disciples who multiply. They return home discouraged and disillusioned. Some have even lost their faith abroad.

GI’s tentmaking preparation process lays a solid foundation for effective witness in the workplace, building enduring relationships, leading seeker Bible studies, and starting simple churches. GI’s blueprint for success provides actionable ideas for preparation, ministry development, and field adaptation for many more workers to move forward in serving God.

GI’s stewardship brings light into the darkness by helping people develop as disciplers and reach their God given potential. Whether you are an individual tentmaker looking to create an impactful path through work-faith integration, a church seeking to build the tentmaking model into your DNA, or a donor looking to send witnesses exemplifying the Gospel in everyday life, we can help. GI has helped hundreds of tentmakers spread the Gospel to 91 nations. We are available to speak at missions’ events, churches, bible schools, and seminars.

Belief – Statement of Faith

  • The unique divine inspiration, entire trustworthiness, and authority of the Bible.
  • The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The necessity and efficacy of the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ for the redemption of the world, and the historic fact of His bodily resurrection.
  • The presence of the Holy Spirit in the work of regeneration.
  • The expectation of the personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

To help the church to understand and engage the Biblical model of tentmaking by sending committed, everyday, workplace Christians as mission workers, and to mobilize and equip these Christians to serve abroad as effective tentmakers, primarily to least-reached peoples.

GLOBAL Intent:

  • Educates about and promotes tentmaking through its website, writing, speaking, tentmaking seminars, and advertising.
  • Assists churches in developing tentmaking and sending tentmakers.
  • Works in collaboration with mission agencies.
  • Provides training materials to equip tentmakers.
  • Provides training for tentmaker effectiveness through courses.
  • Mentors and coaches tentmakers to help them succeed and be effective.
  • Connects tentmakers with colleagues on the field for team support and accountability, whenever possible.


Global Intent is not a sending agency. Tentmakers we serve  are fully paid through their work or business. We counsel them to partner with the other missions workers and agencies and with the indigenous church if one exists. All tentmakers must be a members in good standing in a local sending church.

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